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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods

In a testament to his greatness on and off the field, Tiger Woods has started his own charitable foundation designed to empower young people to reach their highest potential.

Utilizing the platform golf provides, the Foundation supports programs that

  • Encourage youth to dream big dreams.
  • Engage the community in helping youngsters pursue their goals
  • Create or enhance access to developmental opportunities in society
  • Acquaint youngsters with the power they possess to improve their own circumstances
  • Encourage youngsters to care about and share with others

    The Foundation's values mirror those of Tiger Woods - Tenacity, Integrity, Courage, Self-Esteem and Drive for Excellence - qualities he strives to foster in youngsters.

    The Tiger Woods Foundation is not a go-it-alone organization. It actively seeks opportunities to partner with other organizations and individuals that bring to the table financial resources or sufficient in-kind energies and expertise.

    For more information on how you can make a difference:

    Visit the Tiger Woods Foundation or email

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